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Universe free fulltext towards a fisherinformation. He argued that the cosmological constant is responsible for the. Even if one adds the condition of observers, they are most likely to form by quantum. The nonnewtonian gravitational forces of repulsion, acting in. Pdf geometry of the desitter universe researchgate. Floreanini 40 to obtain the effective hamiltonian of the two atoms, and study the interatomic interaction with it. It is argued that it is the former whichisimportant. The first pair is the spatially flat universe with k 0, a e h t. A graphical study of the transition probability is performed obtaining that the. The former are not moving on geodesic worldlines, whilst the. We apply the open quantum system approach introduced by f. This equation can be solved with any of the following three forms of k, at pair.

As a special case, the half harmonic generator is considered, i. A model of an expanding universe in which there is no matter or radiation but the expansion is driven by a cosmological constant. The natural linear structure on p4 given by subspaces of r5 induces a natural linear structure on each of h4 and des and in particular planes through the origin cut h4 and des in geodesics and all geodesics are of this form this. Friedmannrobertsonwalker universe heidelberg university. Can the holographic principle be extended beyond the wellknown adscft correspondence. Pdf a system approach to the einsteinde sitter model of. Universe free fulltext higher spins without antide. The predesitter universe in terms of quantum mechanics. According to the highly redshift observation of the supernova ia 1, 2, galaxy clusters 3, 4, and cosmic microwave background radiation, the current universe is expanding in an accelerating way. During the last couple of years, there has been a substantial amount of research trying to find answers for this question. Susskinds challenge to the hartlehawking noboundary. Here let us note that the approach applied in the current paper is different from that in refs 33, 41 and 42, where the window functions are chosen to modulate the interactions between the atoms and.

Moreover, the recently observational data by bicep2 may confirm that the early universe in a good approximation is also. Pdf the dirac system on the antide sitter universe. The fate of the universe how one set of equations changed an entire field of science brian kay phy 495. Observationally, however, wetendtoknow the expansion velocity of the universe at the present time i. The friedmann equations university of north carolina at. Although this model is physically unrealistic, it introduced the idea that the real universe might be expanding. The amplitude and probability of transition are computed using perturbative methods. We focus in particular on a proposed holographic duality. In the present paper, the equations of state other than p e are taken into account to obtain the wave function and energy spectrum of the quantum universe as. It is shown that seeing the universe as a system is compatible not only with the standard hot big bang model for a flat universe but also with the classical exponential models inflationary, steadystate expansion. The next two sections are devoted to the second quantization of the scalar and dirac elds.

Second, our tiny presentday cosmological constant currently accounts for about 68% of the energy density of the universe, and this fraction is growing as the universe continues to expand. Takook1,a 1 department of physics, science and research branch, islamic azad university, tehran, iran 2 department of physics, razi university, kermanshah, iran received. Slipher had calculated velocities by using the rule that the frequency of light observed will change if the source of the light is moving rapidly away but perhaps this was an illusion. Department of physics, nanchang university, nanchang 330031, china. So the critical velocity in fact turns into a critical density. It models the universe as spatially flat and neglects ordinary matter, so the dynamics of the universe are dominated by the cosmological constant, thought to correspond to dark energy in our universe or the inflaton field in the early universe.

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