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Ethiopic amharic keybaordtablet and amharic keyboard. Amharic text editor enables user to type amharic online. The first amharic dictionary for iphone no internet connection required this dictionary contains over 33,000 english words, translated into amharic. Aberra molla gave to reporter demissie agonafir of zegeba. Peter unseth all for their constructive comments and suggestions since the defense. This resource was produced by the nutrition promotion unit, metro south health service district. These include agew, amharic, basketo, bilen, dawro, gamogofa, geez, gumuz, guragie, meen, oromo, tigre and tigrigna character sets and how each character is typed with one or two keystrokes with his patented method. Aberra molla at vision ethiopia 2017 part 2 youtube. Ethiopic, amharic software greater denver area connections. As has been the case for israel, egypt and ethiopia have. Aberra molla was the 2017 honoree at the 7th annual festival of the. This innovative english to amharic dictionary and translator app is a very reliable tool, which will. Brannaeditor is an ethiopian languages based html text editor designed to simplify amharic and tigrinya web content creation.

How to install amharic keyboard on apple ios devices read. Zegeba is a free informative publication for ethiopian residents of las vegas, nevada. Our software is an amharic software, it is only or the price of amharic keyboard. Life and legacy of dr aberra molla pt 1 and 2 sbs amharic. Patent for ethiopic amharic software granted april, 2016 3.

Geezedit is a geez editor for typing in amharic in iphone and ipad devices with ios 8 operating system. It has afaan oromoo words with their equivalent amharic translation, and vice versa. It brings common word processor features directly to your web pages. Inspired by the creator of the amharic typewriter, ethiopian engineer ayana birru of horo gudru, wellega. The above is a published amharic version of an interview dr. It is spoken in the vicinity of the capital, addis ababa, and the area just to the north. Download abyssinica dictionary for free on itunes app store. Installing and using amharic software in windows 7.

You can switch between keyboards in just one button click. Aberra who is an inventor, a researcher, a writer, an activist and an entrepreneur, as a person of the year 20 read below the summary of dr. Amharic afaan oromoo dictionary galmee jechoota afaan oromoo amaaraa. Mollas function key software for amharic decades ago and is one of the current users of the his geezedit app for iphone. Abyssinica dictionary the most comprehensive amharic english bilingual dictionary for ios with built in wikipedia search. Amharic keyboard is specially designed and developed to assist. Inspired by the creator of the amharic typewriter, ethiopian engineer ayana birru. Mirle bowen director, center for african studies and dr. You can writer and search the dictionary using the built in amharic. Aberra demonstrated the hundreds of the ethiopic glyphs he assisted with and fought for their recognition by unicode and the various character sets utilized by different ethiopian languages. Minalachew simachew with dr aberra molla a scientist who computerized geez 23 may 2018 related articles.

With branna editor, users can compose, edit, format and save documents in their nativelanguage. English to amharic dictionary learn english free apps. Microsoft recently released windows 7, which included amharic and many other african languages. Geezedit uses a novel technology protected by pending patents to render the hundreds of the ethiopic glyphs with one and two keystrokes each, virtually similar to typing the english alphabet on computers. Geezedit is a geez editor for typing in amharic in iphone and ipad devices running ios 8 and higher. Branna amharic word processor branna editor is an amharic word processing application built specifically for ethiopianlanguage speakers. Amharic keyboard uniquely designed for iphone and ipad. Looking for a way to type in amharic on the iphone.

Jul 30, 2015 in particular, the two dots may potentially go on top of every character and some of the characters are too big to accommodate dots. Amharic, the official language of ethiopia, uses the ethiopic alphabet and shares it with other language sets. Aberra molla, 2017 honoree of the ethiopian heritage. This app is available only on the app store for iphone and ipad. Aberra molla, 2017 honoree of the ethiopian heritage society. Amharic dictionary for ios free download and software. I did cover that story in my post, entitled, microsoft to release windows 7 in amharic, ethiopian national language, and nine other african languages, which you can read by clicking here. The 20 person of the year of the ethiopianamerican forum is ethiopianamerican scientist dr. This is a basic afaan oromo amharic dictionary that focuses on everyday communication and vocabulary. Medical in amharic, translation, englishamharic dictionary. How to install amharic keyboard on apple ios devices. Ethiopic is not the only calendar in ethiopia either. We released software only tool that will allow you to write and read amharic, tigrinya, geez and other amharicgeez based languages. Aberra computerized ethiopicgeez more than 29 years ago.

Aberra, the pioneer of ethiopic computerization, is a visionary who recognized the power of computers and its potential and was ahead of his time. Aberra molla s pioneering work recognized in the u. Abyssinica amharic provides the following functionalities all in one amharic keyboard works on any app on your iphone, ipad or ipod touch. Intellect and maverick ethiopians, voa amharic, csu alumni association colorado state university, friends of ethiopia, addis life, addis neger, geezedit, addis abeba university, haile gerima, sheger fm 102. Geezedit is a geez editor for typing in amharic in iphone and ipad. Aberra who is an inventor, a researcher, a writer, an activist and an entrepreneur, as a person of the year 20. Mollas method included using the function keys to alter the font in which a default character is rendered. Abyssinica dictionary the free amharic dictionary for. Available for iphone, android, windows phone, samsung, nokia, blackberry. Accordingly, the full range and variety of ethiopic characters were not expressed. English to amharic dictionary free offline app is free, modern, fast, uptodate and comprehensive dictionary with meanings, real life usages, examples, thesaurus, parts of speech, relation with words, phonetically correct pronunciation. Birhanemeskel abebe, a renowned ethiopian academician, came up with top ten reasons why afaan oromo should be the federal working language. Amharic predictive typing our intelligent algorithm knows what you would likely type next and provides you possible. Brannaeditor amharic text editor type amharic script online.

An initiative of the queensland health strategic plan for multicultural health 20072012 af. Aberra molla, received involves the typing of the ethiopic characters with one. Aberra molla, developed a method of rendering a greater variety of ethiopic characters. Read and write amharic iphone, ipad contact us here. In gadgets such as ipad the full qwerty amharic and english keyboards are available. The top twenty three reasons milkessa midega in march 2015 dr. Aberra molla, 2017 honoree of the ethiopian heritage society in north america dr. The works of enoch hnk had been in ethiopia and egypt before the times of moses and on through the times of king solomon and queen of sheba. Amharic afaan oromoo dictionary for android apk download. Aberra molla, a scientist and an inventor is also known as the father of ethiopic.

The company is a pioneer that computerized geez and released modeth, the first ethiopic commercial software for microsofts disk operating system dos in 1987. I would like to thank my doctoral committee members dr. Definition of software is translation of software in amharic. Aberra molla, received involves the typing of the ethiopic characters with one and two keystrokes each in computers. Endale abebe houston, texas area professional profile.

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